Mountain View Health Centre

Repeat prescriptions

By My Health Online

If you have not yet registered for this service please ask our receptionist who will be happy to help.

By telephone

By telephone on (01792) 957602 – between 10.30 am and 1.00 pm on Monday to Friday.

By email

Email address:

This will be of great benefit to patients who have online access as it is a quick and easy way to order your repeat prescription. This service is highly recommended for Nursing and Care Homes.

All email prescription requests will not be looked at until after 1.00 pm daily. Prescriptions requests that have been emailed before this time can be collected forty eight hours from when request is made.

In person

All prescription requests are to be placed in the allocated box in reception. It is easier if you tick what you want on the prescription reorder form (this is attached on the opposite side of your repeat prescription).

If you do not present with a written request you will be given a prescription request slip to write down what you want so please remember the name of the medication you are taking.

Prescriptions can be collected the following day.

By post

Your prescription will be returned by post if you enclose a stamped addressed envelope with your prescription request.

By fax

A prescription request can be faxed at anytime during the day and collected the following day from the surgery.

The fax number is 01792 957605


Adult patients should normally order their own prescriptions. Please order in good time and allow 24 hours before collection. Prescriptions ordered on Friday will be available for collection on Monday.

Collecting prescriptions

  1. In person during opening hours.
  2. By a pharmacy driver authorised by you
  3. Family member or friend – sometimes we will need confirmation from you and might ask the person collecting the prescription to sign that they have collected your prescription

Medication review

Before your authorised medication runs out it is essential that you make an appointment with a doctor to discuss your continued need for treatment.

Remember the receptionist cannot prescribe any item not authorised by your GP and cannot sanction the issue of medication that is not due. Chemists are not entitled to order items for you.

Generic prescribing

Occasionally the name of one of the drugs on your prescription might change. This is because it is Practice policy to prescribe drugs by their “generic” or proper name and not their “brand” name. This small alteration does provide a significant saving to the NHS drug bill and allows the drug budget to stretch further. Only the name will have changed and not the actual drug prescribed. If you need further information about this please speak to your doctor.

Preventing waste and fraud

You can also help us to prevent waste and fraud and to maximise the use of NHS resources by:

  • only ordering the items you genuinely need.
  • not stockpiling medicines; they go out of date and can be dangerous.
  • not ordering prescription items for friends, family or neighbours.

Date published: 8th October, 2014
Date last updated: 27th March, 2023